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Every time I introduce myself to a foreigner, I get that uncontrollable sense of dread when I state that I hail from Malta. The reason is not born out of shame (obviously), but merely out of the fact that there is a 50/50 chance (sometimes 70/30 depending on the nationality), that this person will not have heard of the country!

This picture beautifully captures my personal recited answer to the question “Where is Malta?” –  A small country in the middle of the Mediterranean, just under Italy and above Africa! (Photo credit: Infographics)

While I enjoy providing insight into Maltese origins and my roots, it does get a bit exhausting and repetitive after the umpteenth time! After explaining this problem I face to fellow Europeans, a fundamental question dawned on me: How well do we REALLY know our home countries?

I present to you this new section of my blog, entitled ‘Kont Taf Li?‘ – this Maltese phrase translates into ‘Did you know that?’, which is quite self explanatory.

Expect an odd post about random facts concerning the Maltese Islands, which you may want to share with your friends over a beer in your local British pub or a cocktail in your local posh seaside bar!

Click here for a list of recent facts!

BTW, just in case you genuinely do not know where Malta is:

medi-malta map

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  1. Andreas Moser

    Haha! I had the same experience when I lived in Malta and I got so tired of the question “where is Malta?”, that I also posted a map on my blog:

    I was shocked how many people didn’t know even the approximate location of one of their fellow EU member states. Actually, some of them didn’t know it existed at all.

  2. Antoine Borg Micallef

    I think that is possible a trait to the larger and older EU member states, mainly the UK, Germany, France and Spain. In all fairness I’ve come to learn to not expect much of a reaction when I announce my nationality. Makes my being Maltese all the more appealing I suppose.

  3. Jack Wood

    Several years ago in Canada, I was working with a woman who was born in Malta. She asked me if I knew where Malta was, I replied “Yes, it’s an island country in the Mediterranean, south of Italy”. She seemed so happy and relieved that I knew where it was, haha.

    The humbleness of Maltese people about their home country is a bit funny.

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