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I consider this blog as being my ‘part-time, hobby, side job’. Apart from blogging, I do have other sets of skills that make me an ideal candidate for contract work! Be it research work, copywriting, content editing or article composition, I have been employed as a researcher on numerous projects, and have also contributed to online and written content on various platforms.

The following is a list of what you may classify as my portfolio (I just call it random odd jobs that happen to find themselves inside my inbox).

2013 – Frontier/Society for Environmental Exploration, London Co-Researcher and Co-author, Frontier Quarterly Science Reports:

2013 – Frontier/Society for Environmental Exploration, London Blog contributor, Into The Wild, Gap Year Blog by Frontier.

2013 – Frontier/Society for Environmental Exploration, London Co-Author, E-Newsletter, Issue 13.

2014 – The Malta Independent, MaltaAuthor (content provider): “No political will to prioritise environmental concerns – study“.

2014 – Overseas Development Institute, LondonResearch Assistant for the following publication: Twigg, J. (2015). Disaster Risk Reduction, Good Practice Review 9. Humanitarian Policy Group, Overseas Development Institute, London.

2014 – ThinkYoung, BrusselsCo-Researcher:

2014 – JEF (Young European Federalists), BrusselsContributing author: “Entrepreneurship: the unemployment solution hidden in plain sight”, The Europe Young People Want, MovEurope Forward 2014.

2014-2015 – Grant Thornton Malta (formerly EMCS Consulting Ltd.), MaltaResearch Consultant: Developing the course structure and syllabi for courses in Environmental Sustainability, Environmental Conservation and Applied Chemistry for a leading Vocational College in Malta.

2015 – EUObserver, BrusselsAuthor: “Malta protesters try to save green lung”.

2015 – EASME, European Commission, BrusselsBlog post contributor: “Closing the loop on the ground: 10 EU projects working towards a circular economy”.

2015 – ThinkYoung, BrusselsData Analysis: “THINKGOODMOBILITY: Millennials’ views on the future of mobility in Europe” – Project in Partnership with Goodyear.

2015 – EUObserver, BrusselsAuthor: “Malta taken to EU court over finch trapping“.

2016Lovin Malta, MaltaContributing Author, various articles.

2016 – Times of Malta, MaltaAuthor: “Putting an accent on the Maltese Language“.

2017 – Il-Bizzilla – Air Malta’s In-Flight Magazine, MaltaContributing Author:

2017Anja Goder Photography, MaltaContent Writer, Website Content

2017Space for Clay, Ceramic Studio, MaltaContent Writer, Website Content

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