Maltese Banter on anything Environmentally or Culturally interesting!

Author: Antoine Borg Micallef

A Schizophrenic man crucifying dead feral cats is atrocious, but a lucid hunter shooting living protected birds is socially acceptable

Maltese logic is beyond ridiculous and frustrating when you think about it. The media and the public descend upon a mentally ill man with pitchforks and torches for crucifying a couple of already dead stray cats, but they cannot be bothered to publicly shame and berate mentally stable men who…

How does the Malta Gay Rights Movement feel about hunters putting themselves on a par with gay people?

During their demonstration in Valletta where they presented collected signatures to amend the Referenda Act, the hunting community mentioned how their actions stem from a selfless notion to protection minority rights and privileges. How does the Malta Gay Rights Movement feel about gay people being put in the same category…