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A Maltese environmentalist based in London, Brussels and Malta. I have had the opportunity to study environmental issues from both a scientific and a social science perspective, so I like to think that most of my views are as holistic as possible.

I often daydream about the possibility of people living a balanced and sustainable life that respects our environment. Seeing as this is not the case, I have to confess that I am occasionally guilty of allowing my love for the environment to obscure my judgement…but every individual has his flaws, right?

But why ‘The Malting Pot’?

The name for this Blog is a pun on the expression “The Melting Pot”, a saying that has been profusely used to describe Maltese culture. Given the distinctive historic influence of numerous civilizations on the lifestyle of my tiny Malta, we have been shaped into an interesting lot of people (quoting friends from at least nine countries/three continents).

As I am proud of my identity and heritage, and I love a good pun here and there, this is where ‘The Malting Pot’ was born. I also have to give credit to a dear friend (you know who you are) who jokingly suggested the name over a coffee one rainy and depressing Wednesday evening at London’s Covent Garden.


What should you expect?

‘Maltese banter on anything environmentally and culturally interesting’

This blog is an answer to current issues that are of interest to the public. Whilst mainly focusing on environmental issues in Malta, which are generally underrepresented on the internet, several posts have been dedicated to European affairs, politics and lifestyle. As an opinionated individual, I enjoy sharing my views on most things, even if sometimes people do not want to listen.  Oh, and don’t forget that all these posts will definitely be penned with a hint of Maltese-ness!


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  1. ban hunting

    Well done for your Blog

  2. Rhonda Balzan Bastow

    Great site. Thanks for saying what so many of us feel and for giving we Maltese creative and reflective social comment source that engages and insites action!! Bravu!

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