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Karma karma karma karma karma cannot spell-eon

Crank up the volume, Eurovision is back, and so is Ira Losco! In addition, TVM has also reaffirmed the growing problem of poor English spelling in Malta!


Eurovision-philes rejoice! Ira Losco has made a much anticipated return with a song called Chamelon. Camelot? No wait, it has to be Chamaleont.

Whatever, no ever reads the Title Cards anyway.

Pardon my sardonic remarks on the matter, but seriously double-check your work and keep a dictionary at arm’s length.

The mistake was subsequently quickly rectified, but the internet never forgets, and it seems as though the above Title Card slipped through the cracks.

You had one job TVM, one job…

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  1. Astrid Vella

    Did you read how the British Government issued a policy on improving standards of the English “Langage” 🙂

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