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Will the government please ban that hideous and useless Monti?

The tacky and garish parade of Valletta, also known locally as il-Monti, has been causing this government a great deal of problems. Instead of allowing it to die a natural death, the government promised to move it next to the new Renzo Piano Parliament. It quickly backtracked after a public outcry, and as from next Monday it will be moved to Merchant Street where it will effectively sabotage legitimate businesses in that street.


Traditional neon coloured belts sold at the tacky and garish parade of Valletta (Photo credit: TimesofMalta)

The tacky and garish parade of Valletta has to go. There I said it. The Valletta Monti has no cultural or economical significance to add to Valletta, tourists or even Malta. It was relevant at a time before Maltese people started buying products from China directly from the internet, but stalls filled with cheap clothes and accessories, and silver plated jewellery have no business in a beautiful capital city such as Valletta.

It is funny how Malta approaches the concept of markets; a brilliant market such as Patches Market is held sporadically throughout the year in different locations, and features genuine products that are sold by a wide variety of people. Then we have the Monti hawkers who sell Euro branded underwear in a prominent street  in Valletta in which most big name brands have opened shop.

As far as I am concerned there is a simple solution; kick the Monti out of Valletta once and for all. And since I am sure that these hawkers will play the “this is my only source of income” card, I have one response for you: Diversification. Either move ahead with the times and sell decent products, change your business model, or just go and find a job like the rest of us. Ignorance cannot be used as an excuse to the detriment of legitimate business owners in Merchant Street.

Side Note: Meanwhile, in major European cities such as Brussels, Bern, London, Vienna, Berlin, Amsterdam, etc etc., Christmas markets open to the delight of tourists and residents alike, and these generally provide a boost to economically deprived areas in such cities. How about substituting the tacky and garish parade of Valletta with a proper Christmas Market? One ponders, we know that votes are worth much more than gold in Malta.

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