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Malta has the WORST gender gap in the EU according to WEF

Latest figures published by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in their annual Global Gender Gap report show that Malta has the worst, literally the worst, gender gap disparity amongst all the EU-28.

malta gender gap bbc

According to this online calculator, Malta will reach gender equality in 2133. (Photo credit: BBC)

The full report can be found here, and it measures the likelihood of women to participate fully in political and economic life, also have an equal access to education and healthcare.

The calculation is made by analysing several datasets that relate to economic participation and opportunity, educational achievements, and also political empowerment. In Malta’s case, the latter is worrying with only 7% of the ministerial cabinet being women, or basically just one minister with Helena Dalli.

This index enables researchers to compare rich and poor countries without on a level playing field, and it consists of data obtained from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) for the range 2010-13.

The following is the tabulated rankings of the 28 Member States of the European Union, with Malta squirming at the bottom and lagging behind states such as Nicaragua (12), Bolivia (22), Azerbaijan (96), and even Brunei (88) which has Sharia Law.

Finland 3
Sweden 4
Ireland 5
Slovenia 9
Germany 11
Netherlands 13
Denmark 14
France 15
United Kingdom 18
Belgium 19
Latvia 20
Estonia 21
Spain 25
Lithuania 31
Luxembourg 32
Austria 37
Portugal 39
Italy 41
Bulgaria 43
Poland 51
Croatia 59
Romania 77
Czech Republic 81
Greece 87
Slovakia 97
Hungary 99
Cyprus 100
Malta 104/145

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