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Hunting in Malta

Hunters’ federation CEO engaged as government consultant on hunting and trapping

Lino Farrugia has been paid €1,000 a month since January 2014 to advise the government’s Environment ministry on matters relating to hunting and trapping.

While the rest of the Maltese population stress about the senseless (and illegal) killing of birds in spring, and the senseless (and illegal) trapping of finches in autumn, the FKNK CEO rakes in €12,000 to advise the government on how to improve his hobby (Photo credit: maltatoday)

This information was made public following a  parliamentary question by Opposition MP Kristy Debono on the issue of consultants to the government.  This piece of information is really critical in putting all the previous government decisions on hunting and trapping into context.

We should be thanking Lino Farrugia for landing Malta into the European Court of Justice then, since the autumn trapping season for protected finches opened again after he was engaged as a consultant. While he gets his €1,000 a month, the rest of us will have to foot the bill for the reintroduction of this already phased out meaningless ‘delizzju’.

Meanwhile, over in the private sector, compliance officers around the world that have to spend their time faffing about with conflict of interest checks.But I am sure that Lino Farrugia will argue in his capacity as a consultant that there is no conflict of interest here.

Might as well engage a vegetarian as a consultant on animal husbandry at this point (no offence dear Veggies!)

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