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Kont Taf Li?

Kont Taf Li? Maltese father and daughter team win Australian reality TV show

Steve and Tiana Falzon have recently won an Australian home renovation reality show to have their home mortgage paid off. The father and daughter team managed to defeat five other teams to win the grand prize on Australia’s Channel 7 show House Rules.

Father and daughter team Steve and Tiana Falzon being crowned winner of House Rules 2015 (Photo credit: Yahoo)

Steve and Tiana Falzon were crowned the winners of the 2015 edition of House Rules on the 20th of July, which saw their $250,000 mortgage (€160,000) paid off. The father and daughter team, from Sydney in New South Wales, managed to scrape through and clinch the life changing victory in a live final show.

While the Falzons and the show producers merely glossed over the Maltese heritage in this year’s edition of House Rules, they did mention their strong Maltese family ties multiple times. Furthermore, the competing couple in the final leg tasked with renovating the Falzons’ garage paid a tongue-in-cheek homage to Steve’s Maltese roots with a ‘Maltese Falcon’ sign.

Steve Maltese Falcon

Steve was the oldest contestant at 47, while Tiana was the youngest at 26. Couples generally compete in the show in order have their mortgage paid off, but Tiana decided to enter the competition to thank her father who has struggled financially following the death of her mother when she was only seven. Three cheers to selfless Maltese children!

Congratulations Steve and Tiana on a much deserved win! Awguri lilkom u lil familja kollha!

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  1. missmalta

    I went to school with Tiana. No one deserved this win more than Tiana’s dad and her family. Was an amazing, emotional and rollercoaster of a journey to watch. Couldn’t be more proud to be an Aussie Malteser <3

    • Antoine Borg Micallef

      This is such a one degree of Maltese separation moment! hahaha I watched the entire show from Malta (my sister used to follow House Rules when she lived in Sydney two years ago). I’m very happy that they won, I don’t think many Maltese in Malta actually know!

      • missmalta

        Yeah, I don’t think it made news over there. My family over there know about it cos it’s all I would rave on about when I Skype with them 😛

        Glad you took the time to watch 😀

  2. Antoine Borg Micallef

    I really enjoyed the show actually. Feel free to share this blog post with Tiana and/or her friends!

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