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Marthese Portelli bolsters her environmental credentials with a bit of fossil excavation

Shadow environment minister Marthese Portelli has ‘dug herself into a hole’ by posting pictures of her family on Facebook enjoying a ‘fossil excavation’ fun day out. But can we really blame the IT and business lawyer for not knowing that fossils are cultural heritage?

Marthese Portelli Fossils

Can I keep these dinosaur bones?

One may find the original article by clicking this link. It is such a funny gaffe by our Shadow environment minister, and the excuse that she used is something that would make excellent fodder for any comedy show:

“Really what we did was just go out for a walk, and you know how it is with children, they see the limestone and think it’s the place where the dinosaurs are. We didn’t even have the tools for excavation”.

Just to point out – who takes their children out for walks, then pretends to be excavating fossils and uploads such photos of Facebook? Alas, life was so much simpler when our parents used to allow us to play outside alone and actually enjoy the environment.

Anyway, this incident reminded me of an equally important issue – where has Marthese Portelli been hiding? As shadow environment minister, she should be quite busy at the moment advocating for the Maltese environment. However, one shouldn’t expect too much from the IT and business lawyer in terms of environmental expertise. Just have a look at this horrible promotional video for World Environment Day that was published in the beginning of June.

Where to being really: The 70s porn music? The cheap green screen shots? Marthese Portelli’s ‘deer in the headlights’ look? Marthese Portelli’s ‘where am I’ face? Marthese Portelli’s ‘Is it Friday yet’ face? What did Marthese Portelli even say?????

Funnily enough, Environment Minister Leo Brincat and Shadow Environment Minister Marthese Portelli have one thing that is painfully in common – they both have no clue what to do with the environment portfolio, but it is a ministerial portfolio so meh (or according to Leo Brincat, a ‘poisonous chalice’).

A perfect analogy for this would be when you open up a box of assorted biscuits, and all your colleagues take the good ones (the Bourbons, the Custard Creams, the Shortbread, the Chocolate chip cookies and the Chocolate Digestives), and you end up with the unwanted biscuits in the box (the oatmeal ones). Both Leo Brincat and Marthese Portelli ended up with an oatmeal biscuit, but a biscuit is always a biscuit so meh.

Having said that, I will close this post with a suggestion for Marthese Portelli: you should consider the following as a theme song every time you drive to work!

If you choose not to, well meh.

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