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Malta Tourism Spot: Vice News interviews Joseph Muscat and Norman Lowell regarding the Mediterranean Migrant Crisis

Vice News is an American based broadcasting channel that regularly covers contentious topics that are often ‘overlooked’ by other main media outlets. With documentaries and news updates on key issues such as the Ukrainian crisis, North Korea and Islamic State, this channel has recently released a documentary on the Mediterranean Migrant crisis, in which Malta and Norman Lowell feature prominently in it.

Norman Lowell

This would be the time where you duck under your desk or coffee table and cringe tightly at the next twelve minutes or so. Vice News has just brilliantly covered the harsh reality of the Mediterranean migrant crisis, and includes phenomenal marketing for Malta as an Island nation that does not do much for these migrants, but instead focuses on the foreigners that are assisting these stranded souls at sea. Oh, and make sure that you watch the extra YouTube interview with Norman Lowell, the cringeworthy one where Maltese people appear to be racists…or as Norman Lowell brands it ‘Racialists’.

However, I secretly really wanted Vice News to interview the other radicals in Malta, such as those environmentalists that rallied to stop the imminent construction and destruction of Zonqor Point. Alas, Norman Lowell will have to do for now.

Below is the link to the full 12 minute short documentary called ‘The Smartest Guy in the Sea’ by Vice News. It includes interviews by Simon Ostrovsky with the Mediterranean Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) crew and founders, and Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.

Below is the interview with Norman Lowell, or as Simon Ostrovsky describes him “a White Supremacist”, with beautiful comments such as ‘treason’, ‘gun boats’. ‘the church started this business’, and (my personal favourite) ‘Terraform Mars‘.

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