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Tal-Linja transport card: Racial profiling included

A Hungarian man has been spat at and slapped by a woman in Valletta. Following this already degrading experience, this man was attacked and arrested by three policemen, simply for being black. Will action be taken against these imbeciles? Probably not.


Daboma Jack, a chemical engineer from Hungary, was pinned to the ground by three policemen and handcuffed all because he is black. (Photo credit: TVM)

To be fair, I would have not expected anything else from this Maltese lady in terms of her multicultural skills. It does not justify any racist act, but unfortunately such intolerance is ingrained in the mindset of the older Maltese generation, and will persist until these people bite the dust (yes I said it).

What I do not expect and accept is this ridiculous behaviour by our Police Force. They are there to defend the public, and not to manhandle members of the public just because they have a different skin colour. This is all the Police force’s fault – they choose to hire uneducated people who will naturally go on a power trip when they put on their uniform.

This was one of the main points of discussion following the shooting by then Police Minister’s chauffeur Paul Sheehan. In a time when the Maltese Police should be doing its utmost to repair its tainted public image, it seems to be doing all it can to solidify public resentment towards the members of its force.

Policeman 89

Policeman 89 – “careful because they are filming you”. (Photo credit: TVM)

If you look at the video posted in the link here, Policeman number 89 goes up to his colleague (at 1:31) and tells him “careful because they are filming you”. Excuse me Policeman number 89, but this is not the Royal Order of the Maltese Policemen where your allegiance is to your order and your buddies. I am paying your salary so that you can protect the public, so you should be stopping your moron of a colleague from abusively arrested a man simply because he was born black.

If you keep on watching this video, it exposes the level of bigotry and racism that dominates the Maltese Police Force, with comments such as:

“Push him to the ground, Slam him to the ground!”

“Don’t let him make a fool of you”

“Don’t record them, they are only doing their jobs”

The Malta Police Force should dismiss or suspend these idiotic and bigoted policemen pending a full inquiry. I would rather not have them ‘defending the public’, then making a public spectacle of another human being just because he happens to be black. They can spend their time being ‘macho men’ at the gym or at their local Kazin for all I care.

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  1. ShereKhan

    It is clear that the Tallinja card is likely to be used to control the population. Malta Public Transport depends on government. It will have a lot on information about people: who they are, where they live, where they go. Why is this information necessary to a bus company? They may use it in a commercial purpose. They may also give it to the police to check on people. The surveillance society comes to the small island…

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