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Spot the Extremist

Last Saturday saw one of the biggest environment centric protest that Malta has ever seen. Headed by Front Harsien ODZ (FHO), the national protest drew over 3,000 people and provided the correct message to Joseph Muscat and his government: Hands off our environment! In typical Joseph Muscat fashion, he did not mention that he was willing to listen, but he was only willing to compromise with people who are not ‘extremists‘.

I know that the Maltese Government expects me to feel honoured by the Prime Minister’s statement, but I think that something has gone terribly wrong in my ‘standard-Maltese-circuit-board’. I think I need to format my operating system so that I can conform to what the Prime Minister feels as though I should think is ‘acceptable’ and ‘not extreme’. I must expunge these ‘extreme’ feelings of wanting to protect my environment, and of wanting to not bend over for Middle Eastern construction companies.

In any case, can you please help me become one of those ‘no opinion/national interest/light a candle’ type people by participating in the exercise below? It is very simple, all you need to do is spot the extremist/s. Don’t you dare be deceived by their looks, they are literally lurking everywhere…

Spot the Extremist

Oh and if you happen to meet me out and about in Malta or Brussels, you should consider avoiding me. I wouldn’t want to go all ‘Extreme’ on you and braid flowers in your hair and share my organic chia seeds.

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  1. Silvana Chiocconi

    I think this ‘strategic vocabulary’ is all over the place. Apparently David Cameron denounced any MP who dared to consider voting against bombing Syria as a ‘terrorist’. Looks like we may expect even yet further distortion of whatever language from our rulers…

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