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25 Game of Thrones Memes describing my feelings about Zonqor Point

There are so many things that can be said about the (fake) American University of Malta, that it gets a bit overwhelming sometimes. With each new revelation in this twisting and ever more contentious project, feelings of disgust, anger and irritation seem to be permeating daily through the Maltese public. So what better way to frame these emotions than by using Game of Thrones memes?

1. On Joseph Muscat handpicking Sadeen

Cersei Lannister

2. On Thaer Mukbel’s daft gesticulations

Brienne of Tarth

3. On Sadeen saying it would respect the local environment


4.On the ‘American’ in AUM

Tywin Lannister

5. On the US Ambassador to Malta being invited by the OPM for the agreement signing 


6. On Joseph Muscat wanting to turn Malta into an ‘educational hub’


7. On having to have AUM in ‘the South’

Ellaria Sand

8. On Silvio Parnis telling people to not discourage the Jordanians

Loras Tyrell

9. On the Government calling Zonqor Point a ‘wasteland’

Sansa Stark

10. On the incessant use of ‘National Interest’

Arya Stark

11. On the eviction of farmers

Bran Stark

12. On the Prime Minister joking about the evicted farmer’s future

Tormund Giantsbane

13. On the changing of the Education Act

Catelyn Stark

14. On the announcement of the Nature Park

Robert Baratheon

15. On excluding the Environment Directorate from the site assessment

Tyrion Lannister

16. On MEPA selecting Zonqor Point

White Walker

17. On not publishing the AUM agreement

Petyr Baelish

18. On asking the public to select a site themselves

Joffrey Baratheon

19. On Marsascala Local Council being in favour of AUM

Ned Stark

20. On the Government updating the Strategic Plan for the Environment and Development (SPED)

Jon Snow

21. On the coincidental location of the project on land owned by former Lorry Sant cronies

Lady Melisandre

22. On Leo Brincat pretending to do his job

Daeneryys Targaryen

23. On Leo Brincat calling the environment ministry a ‘poisonous chalice’

24. On Deborah Schembri pretending to understand public consultations

Samwell Tarly

25. On safeguarding Zonqor Point and other ODZ

HodorMake sure you attend the National Protest this coming Saturday 20th June at 10am in Valletta (in front of the new Parliament). It is imperative that you also do your part in stopping the development of ODZ and safeguarding areas such as Zonqor Point!

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