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Mario De Marco and the PN “have a green conscience”, yet they support Spring Hunting

Mario de Marco, PN deputy leader for parliamentary affairs, has appealed to his party to avoid repeating past ODZ development mistakes and to acknowledge that times have changed and there was a growing green conscience. Yet Mario de Marco and his PN buddies all publicly declared that they would support the European Commission condemned illegal spring hunting season.

Mario De Marco wants you to believe that the PN is becoming more environmentally conscious…yet he and his party voted ‘YES’ to keep illegal spring hunting in Malta. (Photo credit: TimesofMalta)

Actually Dr De Marco, times have not changed in terms of a ‘growing green conscience’. Times have changed in terms of ‘how much bullshit the public is willing to swallow from their politicians’. Apologies for the crass use of this language, but I find such comments by these ‘elite’ politicians utterly patronising and insufferable.

The PN was, and is, complicit with the Labour Party on the issue of Spring hunting, and also on the upcoming illegal autumn finch trapping season. Both of these cases are currently open infringement cases by the European Commission against Malta. Yet since Malta joined the EU, neither the PN nor the PL ever managed to remove these practices permanently when they where in Government. On the contrary, they both advocated for a vote in favour of spring hunting and subsequently managed to marginalise those members of the public with an actual green conscience.

This is a classical political manoeuvre – Joseph Muscat saw that Malta was becoming more ‘liberal’ following the divorce referendum, so he started pandering for the LGBT vote, and Simon Busuttil is seeing that Malta is becoming more ‘environmentally conscious’ following the spring hunting referendum, so he is currently pandering for the green vote. The reality is that neither Joseph nor Simon really care about being liberal or environmental; they simply care about your vote and being elected into power.

I would strongly suggest to the PN that if it really want to embrace a ‘green conscience’, it has to take a public stand on whether it would allow spring hunting and autumn finch trapping again if it assumes office in the future. I would ask Marthese Portelli for her comments on this issue, but she is not exactly the sharpest tool in the PN’s environmental toolbox.

Also, there is another critical thing that strikes me about Mario De Marco’s comments – it seems that for the PN the environment in Malta only means natural spaces, or virgin land. De Marco’s speech completely ignores other significant components such as biodiversity, water, the marine environment, the atmosphere, soil ecosystems, and so on (uwijja mhux xorta?!?!). If anything, the political perception of the environment in Malta speaks volumes about how they choose to manage it (or in this case mismanage it).

So spare us these comments Dr De Marco, and make sure your party puts its money where its mouth is.

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  1. matthewcamilleri

    It is easy to say you want to be green when you are in the Opposition. For the past 25 years there have been infringement over infringement with Labour opposing these development. A new dawn has started and the party in government is doing the same, just a role reversal from who is doing what.

    It is easy to forget that what both parties really want is our votes, and everyone knows that being environmentally conscious is becoming to be a really good tool to use.

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