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Remembering Ruth Attard

I generally have a strict rule of not sharing my feelings on this blog, as I believe it to be distasteful in expressing emotions on personal matters to the world. However, this time I am overcome with a powerful sense of grief that will not go away unless I put my thoughts into writing. In light of the tragic passing of our beloved Ruth Attard, I wanted to share a couple of words.

Ruth xx

I’m still trying to piece together the last conversation I had with Ruth at a reunion for the company we used to work for. I cannot really recall all the jokes and mundane things that we had talked about without ending up in garbled speech. I explicitly remember her saying that she was moving to the Netherlands, with a glimmer of hope and excitement in her eye.

Even though conversations always manage to slip away from me, I count myself as being lucky in having the ability to recall expressions and flickering images from the past. I will always remember that fixating ‘dentist friendly’ smile she used to have, and the way the sides of her eyes used to crinkle when she laughed. This is what I will remember every time I think of Ruth.

I always expected to experience such feelings in my golden years, when I had lived my life to the best of my ability and capacity. I have often joked with my friends about who would be the last one of us standing at the end of it all. Because let’s face it, we never expect to be seeing off our friends when they still have a full life ahead of them. Factor in the tragic circumstances of such a death, and it makes the situation all the more unbearable and unacceptable. It is true that all death is somewhat tragic, but this is different.

It takes such a tragedy to put everything back into perspective. We spend our lives worrying about money, finding a job, getting married, buying a house and this and that; yet we rarely ever stop to enjoy the moment and the people around us. If anything, I have to thank Ruth for providing me with a renewed perspective of how I want to live what time I have left on this Earth. If you happen to be reading this, and are as upset as I am, pick up that goddamn smartphone and call a friend or family member. People are irreplaceable, and anything else in this world becomes background noise when we lose someone dear to us.

Farewell Dear Ruth, I guess I will see you at the next EF reunion in the sky, where we can once again share past memories of St Julian’s mayhem with the rest of our friends and colleagues.

* * *

A message of consolation to Ruth’s close friends – if you’re reading this, we can both grasp the gravity of this tragedy. Even though Ruth has passed away, the great white elephant in the room is still trumpeting away as we cannot speak about it. Reach out to others and share your feelings, talk about it, get angry about it, cry about it and do whatever you can to mitigate your grief.

Ellen DeGeneres always ends her talk show by asking viewers to “Be kind to one another” – and I implore readers of this post to do the same.

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  1. ruthspiteribezzina

    I still remember her smile and lively, bubbly character … Way back when I used to teach her!!!!

  2. debonosdumplings

    I didn’t know her, but one doesn’t have to… my condolences to all who knew her, particularly the people who thought of her as family. Sorry for your loss.

  3. cristiansapiano

    While we’re all filled with tears , I’m sure that she’s up there praying for us.

  4. leanne zammit

    i will always remember her jokes… the fruit loop we madee lol the got talent show and many moreee i will always love you and will never forget you my dearest friend xxxxxxxxxxxx miss u

  5. julie borg

    i will never forget you .you were always been a part of our family.god wanted you for he needed an angel so he picked you dear will always be in our hearts.

  6. joe cutajar

    LUCKY YOU BEC YOU ARE IN A BETTER PLACE I DONT KNOW YOU but am sure you are in a better place R.I.P.and pray for your famaly

  7. Marija Brincat

    I did not know her, but I feel for her.
    You speak of the great white elephant in the room that we cannot speak about… We have to speak about this elephant.. We need to… Because if we don’t, that elephant will grow bigger and bigger.
    R.I.P. Ruth.

  8. Charlene

    Ruth was always such good company, lively and very fun to be around! She always knew just what to say to make someone feel better. I can remember one particular adventure we had together where she made everyone laugh so hard they almost peed their pants <3 She was an amazing person and has left a great void in the hearts of eveyone that knew her.

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