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King Joseph and his armies of zombies?

If you watch Game of Thrones, you must have heard of the ‘true enemy’ beyond the wall. He is called the Night’s King, and together with his fellow White Walkers and their army of reanimated corpses, they are the main and often disregarded antagonist in this fictitious universe. I cannot help but think of Malta’s Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, when I see the Night’s King depicted in the show – and here is why.

Three cheers to Night's King Joseph and his brainless army

Three cheers to Night’s King Joseph and his brainless army

The Night’s King and the White Walkers have one main goal in the fictitious realm of Westeros: to conquer it and turn it into a frozen wasteland. This reminds me of how Joseph Muscat and his band of followers want to conquer Malta and turn it into a concrete wasteland.

Ok, that may be a bit of a stretch in terms of comparisons. After all, Joseph Muscat is not a cold, calculated and deceptive leader with the power of turning corpses into his minions, right?

However, when it comes to the ODZ debacle ([fake] AUM, Qala Cruise Terminal, Mount St. Joseph etc etc.), Night’s King Joseph Muscat is kind of surrounded by brainless followers who will literally do his bidding without any form of self control. Well, technically these ‘people’ are corpses (called Wights) in the Game of Thrones universe, so even such a comparison is quite odious to say the least. We can at least call Night’s King Joseph Muscat’s followers Wajts (pronounced in a thick Maltese accent) for the sake of it.

Ok Ok, I might have a genuine comparison after all. The issue of development in ODZ is a bit like the ‘disregarded evil’ that are the White Walkers in the Game of Thrones universe. In this show, characters always say that ‘Winter is Coming’, and that once it arrives it would ‘last a thousand years’. With the same reasoning, ‘Concrete is Coming’ to Malta and it will last for at least ‘a thousand years’ as well right?

Or maybe not. Wow, this may actually be one of the worst posts I have written so far.

But who cares, I just wanted to find an excuse to create the image above!

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