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Allura l-‘Gays’ “itghuk f’ghajnejk” Gianluca Bezzina?

Gianluca Bezzina attends the Nationalist Party’s General Council and appears to have gone on a subtle Catholic-induced homophobic rant. While I am all for freedom of expression, people with a certain public image should really thread carefully in expressing their views that impact different societal situations.

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Quoting Dr Bezzina from his nervous and uncomfortable speech:

“As a person, I am not very interested in politics, but I do follow current events around the world and in Malta. Something which has really been irritating me lately, and which I feel very strongly about, is that I am slowly seeing human being’s values and morals changing drastically” – Gianluca chose to speak about morals and values at a political event. Ah to be young and naive.

“We are living in times where the general mentality is becoming more liberal, where if I feel that something is good, I do not simply feel the need to do it but I make it a right. If I feel that something is correct, I would want to eventually change the law so that even though that thing is not necessarily right, it becomes justifiable and something which is right and I have the permission and right to doLaws change according to the changing needs of society. Malta needed to allow divorce to become part of its constitution, as well as civil partnerships, since these represent the existential reality in which Maltese society finds itself. Just because you think something is “not necessarily” right, you have no authority to impose your views on others that do not share your same views.

“I believe that as human beings we are slowly redefining and reinventing morals. The morals that have been defined for thousands of years, the morals that no one has ever changed, are slowly being lost and changed to according what suits us, even if sometimes we only see the short term solution” – Human beings have been redefining and reinventing morals for centuries. If Game of Thrones has taught us anything in its grand theatrical form, is how far society has come from the Dark and Middle Ages. Remember all that murder, rape and pillaging that used to happen in several European countries a couple of centuries ago?

“Unfortunately, the governments of Malta and those around the world are promoting such behaviour, because these governments know that if they want to win an election in a country that has a certain balance (?), you win the support of minorities by changing a law for them – so why not? This behaviour has been observed in various countries and even in Malta, where certain laws have recently been passed that show this” – A clear reference to the recent passing of the referendum recognising same-sex marriage in Ireland, and the inclusion of the Civil Union Act in 2014 and the Gender Identity Act of 2015 into Malta’s constitution. FYI Gianluca, the church in Ireland, one of the most Catholic and traditionally conservative countries in the world, took a back seat in the same-sex marriage referendum campaign. It did not even get involved in the issue. The archbishop told the Irish press that “We [the Church] have to stop and have a reality check, not move into denial of the realities”. Yet you and the Maltese church seem to still find yourselves in denial on this issue.

“I am not saying that we take bad decisions, but sometimes we tend to rush to certain decisions. My worry is not about the decisions that have been taken, but I am sure that in the next couple of months or years we will be discussing more pertinent issues such as abortion” – This reminds me of the Church’s argument about divorce in 2011 – first we get divorce, then we get abortion! The country will not spontaneously implode if we decide to have an open discussion on abortion and see what comes out of it. I am actually more worried about the state of our environment at the moment than anything else.

“I am sure that political parties would consider providing this process in order to win a couple thousand of votes to win an election. It is easier to see things from a temporary perspective and not for the good of mankind” – enter Gianluca’s trademark ‘I’m so friendly’ smile, and enter hypocrisy induced nausea.

“This is my appeal to the Nationalist Party, to uphold our values not just as Christians, as there are individuals of different faiths, but most importantly as human beings” – Ah yes, we forgot that that are Maltese citizens of different faiths, but screw them.

* * *

I have to say that I am extremely disappointed by these comments. While I am aware that Gianluca is an active member of the Maltese Catholic community, so I expect some regressive views on divorce, homosexuality and abortion, he is also a prominent public figure (even though I still cannot comprehend why Maltese people idolise Eurovision singers in the first place). Gianluca vehemently rebutted the homophobic claims of these comments on Facebook, so he should explain what he was exactly referring to.

Actually, let me ask him a direct question: As a practising Catholic, what are your views on same-sex marriage should it be introduced in Malta?

Gianluca, you may be soft-spoken and may genuinely seem like a nice guy, but you’re being a  bit of a hypocrite. Love and tolerance are two fundamental values that most Catholics in this country seem to throw out the window in the face of homosexuals, immigrants and people from other social situations. Apart from the issue of abortion, which you clearly highlighted in your speech, what are the other issues that are causing such discomfort that it made you preach about morals and values at a political meeting?

Remember the comments you said at this meeting when you sing that #StopHate campaign track you were part of. Also, you should consider recording a a duet with that River of Love fanatic Matthew Grech.

You can see Gianluca’s cryptic speech below:

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  1. Jacques René Zammit

    Wow. Game of Thrones as an educational instrument for moral standards. WTG. LOL. WTF.

    • Antoine Borg Micallef

      Most of these epic fantasy series are based on the distortion and exaggeration of historical facts. The dragons and white walkers are slightly debatable though

  2. Jamie Iain Genovese

    The irony in this post, as I’m sure a quick re-read would afford you, is that you arbitrarily decide that Dr. Bezzina is referring to the LGBT as a minority, when one could just as easily argue that he might be discussing contractors, developers, or any other such minority which political parties pander to and in the process of which negatively harm the environment. Which, as I’m sure you’ve now realised, is something you brought up in this very article as something to be worried about.

    Yet you quickly chose to attribute Dr. Bezzina’s speech to be referring to a very specific minority simply because it favoured your narrative, of the naive Catholic speaking out against homosexuals, rather than the concerned Catholic citizen that would rather lawmakers and politicians sought to make decisions on moral and ethical bases that would benefit the country, and not minorities or special interest groups such as hunters or contractors, which would see to the selling off of land for development without very much consideration.

    • Antoine Borg Micallef

      The keyword that Gianluca used here is ‘liberal’. The LGBT community is a minority, while the rest – developers, contractors, hunters are not minorities and have no rights. This is why his speech seems to be walking down this line. It is too suggestive of the PL enacting the civil partnership as it is ‘liberal’ to gain the votes of the LGBT minority. If you check articles in other media outlets, the majority of people thought on the same lines as I did, so I hope that he clarifies to what he was exactly referring too. He cannot afford to be cryptic and vague when he discusses such issues.

  3. GUrdieniu

    Qied sew lol

  4. ddmoonsong

    Ghal gol hajt dan e. Apparti li vera bhalek ma nistax nifhem kif ghax persuna ikollha talent muzikali f daqqa wahda tispicca ‘Ambaxxatrici’ li tippretendi jew jippretendi li qed jitkellem ghal maggor parti tal Maltin. U apparti l fatt li hu stess ma tanc hu li jidher straight (Matthew Grech style insomma), kultant nibda nahseb li certu nies isiru estremisti minn naha biex ma jammettux li ixaqilbu lejn n naha l ohra huma stess… Insomma dawn kollha kongetturi tieghei personali nammetti.

    L fatt jibqa li kif ghadt int, hafna paroli u tidwir mal lewza biex xorta fhimna li dal proxxmu mhux talli homophobic imma talli qisu jixtieq li bqajna nghejxu ‘eluf ta snin ilu’. Kemm nixtieq li tezisti time machine, halli dawn n nies ikunu jistaw jiehdu x xewqu taghhom u imorru lura fej milli jidher, ihossuhom komdi! M ghandix dubju li minghajrhom u l mentalita taghhom d dinja tmur ghall ahjar zgur!

  5. ddmoonsong

    Reblogged this on Darkly Dreaming Moonsong and commented:

    Apart from the fact that I really don’t get how just because someone knows how to sing, s/he suddenly expects to become an ‘ambassador for the people’ and ‘represent’ the majority of them (they most certainly do NOT represent me!). And apart from the fact that the guy himself hardly appears to be this paragon of straight heterosexuality (Matthew Grech style). Seems to me like certain people are so afraid of their nature that they become extremists advocating the other side of the issue.

    Anyways, private conjectures aside – what is obvious here is that after whirling and twirling around the issue, we still realize that this ‘boy next door’ whom the desperate Maltese housewives love so much, is another hypocritical soft-spoken homophobic wannabe who, while preaching love and tolerance, also preaches close mindedness and non-inclusion. Way to go… why don’t all these people do us a favor, get into a time-machine, and go back to the Dark Ages where they obviously feel that they belong? I’m sure the world would leap towards peace and prosperity in a jiffy if that happened!

    Oh for a time-machine! My kingdom, for a time-machine!

  6. matthewcamilleri

    This guy has been courted by one of the two parties for much before he won the Eurovision. He has the same ideologies as his party, and I would not expect him to say anything different. What disappoints me is that a quick look at on of the best civilisations of years gone by, the Greeks, sleeping with your elder was a way of showing respect. Yes, morals change, and those who adapt can go on and be merry, and those who don’t should try and live in their own little world and get stuck in the past.

    For whoever asks about which minority Gianluca is talking to I would recommend that you stop denying the truth and read the post again. In the Maltese society it seems that morals are only related with religion, and only LGBT people can go against such morals

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