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Two Lawyers and a Dentist speaking for our environment on Xarabank tonight

Tonight, on Xarabank, three politicians will be discussing the contentious AUM/Zonqor Point case in a televised debate. These three politicians will be scrutinising and advocating for this project using their vast knowledge of Dentistry, IT Law, Family Law and….wait what?

From Left to Right: Marlene Farrugia, Marthese Portelli, Deborah Schembri

From Left to Right: Marlene Farrugia, Marthese Portelli, Deborah Schembri

Unfortunately the above is not a misprint. The panel chosen by our political parties to discuss this horrific project the Government is trying to shove down the Maltese public’s throat is made up of two lawyers and a dentist, with next to no expertise in environmental issues. Even though most Maltese people will not believe what I am about to say, Environmental Science is an actual field of expertise. Just because such an industry doesn’t exist in Malta, it does not mean that it is less relevant than Law or Medical Sciences.

I am in no way trying to undermine these politician’s individuals merits, but the public should be aware that what is said on Xarabank tonight will most definitely be borne out of political motivation (for a change). In any case, we know that Marthese Portelli will be on this panel in her capacity as shadow minister for the Environment. The same goes for Marlene Farrugia, who has openly opposed this project and who also chairs the committee on the Strategic Plan for the Environment and Development. If anything, it makes sense that these two politicians should be debating this project tonight.

But we do not know why Deborah Schembri is there. Her presence on this panel is a bit sad really, as she knows as much about the environment as a Chinese workman knows about democracy. Hey Deborah, we still haven’t forgotten how you persuaded Labour Party Supporter to vote in favour of Spring Hunting. I hope who had time to rehearse your answers from the Prime Minister’s handbook of lies and deception, because that is all we can expect from you tonight in terms of critical insight.

I hope that either Marthese Portelli or Marlene Farrugia make reference to this point, as it clearly shows how Deborah Schembri is more about her party’s hidden agenda than about the environment.

Expect a lot of big words from Deborah, such as “Economy”, “is-South”, “Foreign Investment”, “National Interest”, “America”, bla bla bla. We’ve heard it all Debbie. P.S. – please send our regards to the Environment Minister Leo Brincat, who appears to not be confident in his management consultant skills to appear on a debate concerning the area he should be overseeing.

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