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NOW they want a public consultation – spit in our faces why don’t you?

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat is asking the people of Malta to propose an alternative site for the (fake) American University of Malta. Even though he is visibly upset at the discord this project is causing amongst the public, he is willing to listen to the people…but the project will still go ahead.

“I’m only asking your advice because I have to, my mind is already made up Bi***es. (Photo credit: TimesofMalta)

The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) has set up a webpage to allow members of the public to propose alternative sites for the (fake) AUM. While worshippers of the Prime Minister will call this an olive branch, or a sign of transparency, the rest of us with half a brain recognise it for what it actually is: a slap in the face.

This deal was secretly set up between the Maltese Government and the Jordanian Investor Hanini Has-Unpronounceable, signed within days of being announced without any call of expression, and NOW they ask for the public’s insights? No matter how many times I exhale and shake my head, I cannot believe there are so many people in Malta that have such a vociferous appetite for this kind of bullshit.

A true public consultation would have been issued in tandem with a proper stakeholder participation process. The transparent way of doing things would have been to issue a call of expression for this university, engage with all the relevant involved parties (NGOs, Residents, Local Council, Site Users, Landowners, Educational Institutions etc), and then ask the public for feedback.

But this process is too lengthy for the likes of Hanini Has-Unpronounceable, who wants this university to be completed within two years. Muscat managed to appease this trojan horse of a businessman, but he has angered thousands of people in the process. In order to shut us up, he has asked us to contribute our ideas – since Guza the housewife, Frans the farmer, Grace the fishmonger’s wife and Gejtu the hunter have the technical expertise to suggest alternative sites. No matter how many ideas people can manage to come up with, this university is here to stay so that Hanini Has-Unpronounceable can line his pockets off our public land.


This government keeps on laughing and spitting in our faces repeatedly, calling our bluff instead of listening to our environmental concerns. The project will go ahead as planned, but Muscat wants to us to know that he given us a chance to speak up so that we have no reason to continue whingeing about it.

So go on, play Muscat’s game – Click Here. I doubt any of the complaints which you enter in this webpage will be taken seriously. I will not be proposing any sites – this private business venture being labelled as a university should not be happening in the first place.

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  1. justinzarbmt

    Same story as the Monti Stalls all over again!

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