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No time for political correctness – F*** Off Hani Hasan Naji Al Salah!

Labour MP Silvio Parnis and “Warden of the South” does not want anyone interfering with the abusive promise of sale of public land to Jordanian Investor Hani Hasan Naji Al Salah. Instead, Silvio Parnis wants me and the rest of the public to quietly bow our heads and accept defeat so that we do not hurt this Middle Eastern anti-environmentalist’s feelings.

Hanini Has-Unpronounceable is sensitive to media scrutniy, since he assument that the Maltese public is as gullible as the Government which abusively sold him public land for his private university

Hanini Has-Unpronounceable is sensitive to media scrutiny, since he assumed that the Maltese public is as gullible as its Government, the one which abusively sold him public land for his private university.

Quoting an article in the Times of Malta, Silvio Parnis said:

“Let’s make sure the project really materialises because it will be a game changer for the south. It’s not fair that we discourage him [the investor] by saying he has to restore this fort and the other. It’s already enough that he decided to come to Malta, so let’s make sure he’s not discouraged,”.

For any non-Maltese readers (and thank you for following), this man is actual member of Parliament. He demands that opposing parties to this project (The Opposition, NGOs, the Church, Hunters, Farmers, Residents, the Public) stop their bitching on local media and most importantly stop harassing Hani Hasan Sultan Al Shish Hanini Has-unpronounceable (no point in being nice to these people anyway).

Silvio Parnis also wants us to “stop making a fuss on this educational project”, because “at the end of the day, we built so many structures on ODZ, such as the hospital and the power station”. Leave it up to an uneducated moron to compare projects of national importance with Hanini’s private educational project. The Government may have managed to dupe Labour Party supporters into supporting this project, as well as other notable people such as the US Embarrassment to Malta, but the rest of us are not impressed.

So let us help Silvio Parnis and the rest of this Government know how much we REALLY want this (fake) American University of Malta – please answer the poll below and disseminate it to your relatives, friends and colleagues worldwide!

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