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US Embassy in Malta: Ambassador supports education, no involvement with setting up AUM

In a previous post, I voiced my concern and distaste at the presence of US Ambassador to Malta Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley at the signing of agreement for the (fake) American University of Malta. The US Embassy has since replied to my post via their twitter account.

us embassy tweetI find this reply very indicative of the Ambassador’s behaviour more than anything else. DePaul University confirmed once and for all that they were merely subcontracted by the Middle Eastern company SEI to provide them with the curricula for these ten programmes at AUM.

So why was the US Ambassador present at the agreement signing? Because the embassy wants us to believe that she supports education – even if it entails a project that has been conceived secretly and abusively by the government. Maybe she just didn’t want to be left out, despite the fact that the USA had absolutely no affiliation with this project. Or maybe she wanted to be there to applaud the Middle Eastern investors that have just bought a 90,000 square metre land parcel without the consent of the public – Yay Education!!!! She must be familiar with the Middle Eastern business dealings, she did serve as Consul General in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia after all.

Her presence only reinforces the Maltese Government’s corrupt and secretive business ethic. She simply should not have been there, as this university has nothing to do with DePaul University and America. AUM might be using American curricula, but education is not just about the subject content but also delivery of that content. DePaul University has already confirmed that it will not be involved in the hiring of staff or AUM’s operations.

Someone like Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley who ‘supports education’ should know as much, so I think it would be ideal for her to release some form of official statement as opposed to floundering about on social media.

I wonder how Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley will react once it surfaces that this whole AUM project was a scam? It eventually will, the minute the first luxury hotel pops up next to the university campus. We can expect a selfie of her at the AUM campus – #AlmostAmericanEducation #noAmericaninsight #StudyAbroad #whatcorruption?

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