Maltese Banter on anything Environmentally or Culturally interesting!

Maltese hunters now targeting foreign teenagers

Times of Malta has just reported that a 16 year old Dutch teenager was injured by a hunter in Pembroke. He was hit by pellets shot by this hunter during this illegal spring hunting season.


It was inevitable though wasn’t it? When the countryside is so small, there is no space for hunter and non-hunter. As hunters naturally feel entitled to the countryside, us non-hunters need to vacate the area.

In this case, this Dutch teenager had other ideas so he was showered with lead pellets and ended up in hospital. I don’t think that the Dutch are very agreeable to gun tooting bullies like the Maltese are.

I expect the FKNK to issue a statement about how this Dutch teenager was on private land, how he shouldn’t have been there, and how he should not have been wearing a chicken costume at 7am.

Those meddling kids!!

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