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Hunting in Malta

Next on the flagrant hunting menu – Lapwing with a side of stupid

The second of many forthcoming casualties of this spring hunting season for which you voted for is a lapwing.

So now let us wait for this hunter to be arraigned, found guilty and for him to express his sadness on local media. Let us wait for him to say that he made a mistake, seeing as he thought that this bird was also a turtle dove. Let us also wait for the FKNK and KSU to condone his actions, and for his hunting comrades to call him a miskin and pay for his fine.

* * *

Fun Fact – the Lapwing derives its name from the ‘lapping’ sound it makes when it flutters its wings. This sound is quite similar to the lapping sound hunting dogs make when carrying the carcasses of illegally shot protected birds during the spring hunting season.

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