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Hunting in Malta

Hunters will always be Cuckoos in the nest that is Malta

A day after the illegal spring hunting season opened in Malta, a hunter has already shot and killed a protected bird. Will the season be closed after the Prime Minister expressed a zero tolerance policy to illegalities?

The first of many casualties for this Spring Hunting season Photo credit: MaltaRightNow

Reports in local media have stated that a cuckoo was illegally shot in the Manikata area in Malta. The hunter attempted to conceal his trophy but onlookers guided police to the seize the contraband.

After the Yes Campaign won the referendum on Sunday, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat expressed that he will not tolerate illegal hunting in spring any more.
Now it is time to see if this promise will be kept. But we should not hold our breath; after all the poor hunters need to adjust to these new criteria right? In any case, the 49.6% of the Maltese population who voted NO are not about to forgive the Prime Minister or the Opposition leader for this epic blunder, even if the hunting season is closed this second.

Fun Fact – the common Cuckoo (Cuculus canorus) is a brood parasite. It lays its eggs in the nests of other birds, and once the chick hatches, it instinctively pushes the host’s chicks out of their nest. Kind of similar to how hunters pretend to be sustainable and law-abiding like the rest of the hobbyists and environmentalists.

If the hunting season is closed as the result of this shot Cuckoo, it will probably be the best example of poetic justice Malta has ever seen.

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