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Flagrant is the new buzzword this spring hunting season

As expected the spring hunting season will not be closed as promised by the Prime Minister. Instead, he created a new definition of what he believes to be the acceptable level of illegalities that would merit him closing the hunting season – it has to be flagrant.

Stefan Micallef, 43, of Naxxar, the hunter who illegally shot a protected Common Cuckoo.

Stefan Micallef, 43, of Naxxar, the hunter who illegally shot a protected Common Cuckoo. Photo credit: TimesofMalta

Flagrant is the new buzzword. You better memorise it and start putting it in your vocabulary, as we will be hearing a lot of the Yes voters using it in their arguments after more illegal hunting incidents will be reported in the coming days. That is how these people operate after all, they follow the yardstick provided to them as they cannot think critically for themselves.

So what is flagrant abuse?

According to previous governments, and the current one, it has to be systematic killing of numerous protected birds. The PN government closed the 2007 spring hunt after a flock of honey buzzards was massacred, and the current PL government closed the 2014 autumn hunt after a daily spate of illegalities.

Any rational person in Malta (in this case, the individuals who voted NO), knows clearly enough that the killing of protected birds cannot be quantified in numbers. One, two, twelve, fifty or a hundred makes no difference when they are protected, as it is ILLEGAL. The fact that governments in Malta have the audacity to decide what number is acceptable is unbelievable.

I am very sorry for those law abiding hunters, but enough is  enough. This has not happened once, and this rampant poaching will keep on occurring until spring hunting is banned once and for all. The 49.6% of the population, or as I call them the real ‘minority’, are watching you like hawks. You may want to shoot us down, stuff us and add us to your collection, but we will not let this go.

The government may accept the killing of even one protected bird because it is not ‘flagrant’ enough, but we will not. Furthermore, in light of this referendum, a collective punishment is more than justified. You are all certainly capable of follow the law, you just choose to flagrantly not too.

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