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Yes voters compare spring hunting to abortion. Sigh (or should we cry?)

As expected, the international media did not react kindly to the embarrassing outcome of the spring hunting referendum. Various global media agencies covered the story, and numerous British people took to twitter to voice their disbelief at the idiocy of the Maltese population. And bang on cue to solidify this claim are some yes voters comparing spring hunting to abortion.

Twitter in Malta is pretty powerless. Everyone on this island is all about Facebook since most people cannot bring themselves to express their thoughts in a 140 character tweet. However, living in London has allowed me to experience the power and efficacy of twitter. When used properly, this social media platform is the quickest way for any piece of interesting news to go viral within a matter of minutes.

Unsurprisingly, an onslaught of anti-Malta rants started appearing on twitter. Local media sheepishly covered this story, since Malta NEVER gets mentioned on twitter anyway. Even more unsurprising is how most Yes voters started commenting below some of these articles (see pictures below).

Some comments beneath the Newsbook article.

Some comments beneath the Newsbook article.

For these people, you voted to keep a practice that is illegal throughout the rest of the EU, and when foreigners express their distaste at the outcome of the result you suddenly become touchy and nationalistic. To add insult to injury, you throw abortion in the mix. Effing abortion.

Who the bloody hell even mentioned abortion? I have tried to shy away from using certain language, but it is becoming increasingly hard to not call certain people stupid when they are the epitome of Maltese stupidity. So are you all going to boycott Oxford Street and Primani and pretty much EVERY EU country just because abortion is legal there? Malta is the only country in the EU with a sweeping ban on all types of abortion – and similar to divorce, only the government can introduce such a law. On the other hand spring hunting is illegal everywhere else expect in Malta, and since you cannot find a legitimate argument to justify this illegal hobby, you go with abortion (mhux xorta!).

If you voted Yes, now is the time to own it and shut up. Let us and the rest of the world grieve at the prospect of illegal spring hunting in Malta, or would you rather muzzle everyone that doesn’t agree with you? Did your ‘tolerance’ and ‘respect’ suddenly evaporate after the results were announced?

I have said this numerous times about the Yes campaign; in the absence of a valid argument (it never had one), yes voters will find ANY excuse to justify their illegal spring hunting fetish.

Abortion…give us a break won’t you.

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  1. Tony Gaffiero

    The so called anti-Malta rants started after the result of a referendum which was organized by the likes of you. Now you got your referendum, you got your result, now enjoy the consequences.

    • Antoine Borg Micallef

      Not really, I have long been ranting about the state of the Maltese environment. Actually, you got your result and the foreign comments are a result of yes voters such as yourself.

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