Maltese Banter on anything Environmentally or Culturally interesting!
Hunting in Malta

Even Air Malta wants you to vote NO

We all have heard the argument about how hunting has an impact on tourism in Malta. While the hunting lobby has dismissed such claims, Air Malta believes otherwise.

The following photo was taken from Air Malta’s in flight magazine Il-Bizzilla (March edition):


Air Malta wants its passengers to enjoy and witness migratory birds in our islands. They are indeed a sight to behold, but spring hunting has limited such an experience to a select lucky few. Air Malta would have no reason to advertise the arrival of species such as the Hoopoe and the Stonechat, unless it did not peak the interest of some of its customers.

YOU can help our tourists and other Maltese people enjoy these birds!

Vote NO and support our tourism sector!

Otherwise, Air Malta and the Malta Tourism Authority should use the following photographs to illustrate the harsh reality that spring hunting creates in Malta:

Photo credit: TimesofMalta

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