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Deborah Schembri thinks that those who are voting NO essentially hate Malta

Deborah Schembri defies the promise made by our two political leaders and weighs in on the upcoming spring hunting referendum at a Party event.

Deborah Schembri believes that Maltese people who are voting NO will be going against the government and their Maltese identity. But weren’t politicians supposed to not get involved in this referendum campaign? (Photo credit: TimesofMalta)

Firstly, Deborah Schembri needs to refresh her memory on what rights and privileges are. Hunting is not a Right, and this fact should penetrate deep into the thick skulls of the Yes voters and left to sit there. No one person in this world is entitled or has the right to hunt or enjoy a hobby. It is a privilege that only the most fortunate of the 7 billion people on this earth can enjoy.

Deborah Schembri does not see this referendum as one that is simply about spring hunting. She then states that this referendum is about seeing if we are going to retain the derogation Malta obtained from the EU, and to see if the government will continue to have the power to enact this derogation and regulate spring hunting. Thank you for stating the obvious.

If this referendum passes or not, the government will not have the right to open or close the spring hunting season. “This is a right that we obtained”, she says. I could be mistaken, but Deborah Schembri is hinting that this referendum is essentially an assault on what the government can or cannot do.

“We Maltese have always fought so that we can make and set our own rights and laws”. I agree with you Deborah, and that is precisely what me and the rest of the people who are voting NO are advocating for – we have a constitutional right (THIS is a right!) to ask the government to banish laws which the majority do not want. We want to make our own choices, even when your Government and the Opposition are powerless and nonchalant about issues such as spring hunting.

Deborah then proceeds to repeating herself and stating how the government can responsibly manage the spring hunting season itself, by opening and closing it based on the situation at hand. “BUT the decision has always been the governments and THAT is how it should stay”, she bellows. At this point, it appears as though Deborah is desperately trying to scream “Vote Yes, VOTE YES!!”, but she cannot say that as that would be a massive No No (pun intended).

“We are Maltese, and even if we are or are not hunters, and if we want or do not want hunting, something that we love is definitely our country, and the rights are laws that we enact should remain the property of the Maltese”. Once again, Maltese people have a constitutional right to uphold or request certain laws to be removed. This is the pinnacle of democracy, which apparently doesn’t sit well with Deborah Schembri.

The above statement sums up all that is wrong with the Yes Campaign. They have absolutely no argument, unless they have a personal vested interest (they are hunters themselves or relatives).

Deborah Schembri believes that the general public cannot possibly have the capability of taking decisions on their own. She believes that we need to always look to politicians (or in this case the government) for support and guidance. If we want something, we have to trust the government and its ‘power’ as that is what Maltese have traditionally always done.

So isn’t it ironic how she went against the government in 2010-2011 to advocate for the divorce referendum? I do not really blame Deborah Schembri, as I am sure that she sees herself as an expert of referenda since she was one of those who called for the consultative referendum on divorce in 2011. Yet she cannot fathom the difference between that referendum and this one, and chooses to even ignore her party leader’s statements on not interfering with this referendum campaign.

Whether you support the PN or PL, please ignore the frivolous attempts by our politicians to sway your intents. This vote is the ultimate reflection of democracy and our identity as Maltese people. For the first time in Malta’s history, Maltese people have the power to challenge the law. So the decision is quite a clear one – will you choose to be part of history, or will you choose to remain a puppet at the hands of the PN and PL politicians?

Vote NO!

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