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The hypocrisy of your Spring Selfie

Spring has finally arrived, a welcome sight after a dreary and wetter-than-usual winter. However, spring has the capability of being even better than before this year. People have the possibility to enjoy the full spring months unabated, without having to conform to the schedule of gun-toting bullies who feel that they have the right to deprive other people from natural public spaces.

L-Ahrax tal-Mellieha is a popular site to visit in Spring, especially for campers. Unfortunately, it is not the first time campers have been removed to make way for hunters (Photo credit: LeslieVella64)

Malta experienced a welcome sunny spell last week, and as expected, people decided to ditch the indoors for picnics, hikes and any other thing involving nature and sitting on a blanket. My social media feed suddenly became inundated with ‘Spring Selfies’, spanning the entire Maltese Islands from Xrobb l-Ghagin, to Dingli, to Ramla l-Hamra and Chadwick Lakes.

Then a thought occurred to me: Why are those individuals that are so pro-spring hunting on social media, posting about how much they love spring? How can individuals that will be voting to keep this illegal practice be such blood hypocrites?

There could be two different possibilities for this: Firstly, these individuals may not actually give a damn about other people enjoying the Maltese countryside. Selfishness happens to be a common trait in the Maltese mindset.

Secondly, and most probably, these ‘Yes’ voters actually believe that hunters do not have an impact on the activities of other countryside users. This is not true.

So I will appeal to these people – If you do love spring and enjoy soaking up the sun in the local wilderness (based on your social media presence, it seems like you do), only a NO vote will guarantee this. No matter what the yes camp states, hunting in spring encroaches on the general enjoyment of the Maltese countryside by the rest of the population.

And if you still wish to vote to keep spring hunting, at least have the decency to change your social media posts from “nilghaqu x-xemx”, “beautiful Malta!! #spring”, and “xi gmiel ta’ post”, to “kicked out of a nature walk – sigh”, “no camping during hunting season”, and “swore at by a hunter for entering his property 🙁 #areweatwar?”

Vote NO and enjoy Spring!

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    Impressive rock formation on the first photo.

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