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Ira Losco has already publicly advocated against Spring Hunting back in 2008

Following a blog post published yesterday, where I asked why Ira Losco has not yet publicly declared her stance on the Spring Hunting referendum, a bit more digging has uncovered an interesting fact: Ira Losco has already spoken publicly against spring hunting back in 2008.

Ira Losco has already condemned Spring hunting on a Times of Malta Blog in 2008. But will she publicly speak about the issue now? Photo credit: maltatoday

In the run up to the 2008 general election, BirdLife Malta launched a campaign featuring thirteen personalities asking the Prime Minister and the Opposition leader to end Spring Hunting once and for all. While this awareness campaign was successful in itself, many personalities other than the thirteen featured in this campaign lent their support publicly to end spring hunting.

One of these was Ira Losco, who wrote an entry for her blog on the Times of Malta entitled “Stop Being ‘Twits’ and Save some instead!“. The content of this blog entry is quite standard in terms of why spring hunting should be stopped. Some excerpts from this blog entry can be found below:

“…to write about an issue which ‘some’ tend to conveniently ignore on our island. It’s something I feel very strongly about and should not be ignored.

I DO have a problem with people breaking the law and I am in no way amused that due to 4% of the population who have done so since 2004, I together with YOU have to bear the consequence!

I’m known to be very diplomatic during my interviews and elsewhere, but when I am faced with facts as crystal clear as these above, I have no other choice but to write about such a matter. Wouldn’t it be wiser for hunters to think it through and realise that they ain’t gonna shoot anymore twit when it happens to be legal if they keep killing them before they reproduce?

This blog is simply about raising awareness. It is about an issue which has been ignored for too long. Ikarus saw an untimely death because his over confidence urged him to soar towards the sweltering sun. Unfortunately our feathered friends will see the same untimely death, as they frolic in the Spring sun for a very different reason…. Unless these laws be abided!”

This beckons the question: If Ira Losco “feels very strongly” about the Spring hunting issue, and can lend her voice to the current referendum campaign to effectively abolish this illegal practice once and for all, why has she still not spoken out?

Many will be asking why would anyone care what Ira Losco thinks. As mentioned in my previous post, her celebrity status and her role as goodwill ambassador for sustainable development makes her opinion even more important. If she wasn’t an ambassador, then her opinion would be less valuable in the context of this campaign. Unfortunately she is, and she has a responsibility towards sustainable development in Malta (the ‘use’ of birds for hunting would fall under the ‘natural capital’ aspect of sustainable development).

All other arguments about her not wanting to get involved in ‘political debates’ and not being in it ‘for the publicity’ are arbitrary in light of this blog entry. She has already publicly spoken out against Spring Hunting, so she cannot backtrack on the issue now. THIS is what makes her silence even more peculiar and frankly unjustifiable.

Either way, unless she has changed her mind over the past seven years, Ira Losco will most probably be voting NO to Spring Hunting – and so should you!

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