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Hunting in Malta

Why are the Environment Minister and Shadow Environment Minister not voting against Spring Hunting?

Both the Government and the Opposition will be voting in favour of keeping Spring Hunting to appease to shotgun slinging thugs that call themselves hobbyists and enthusiasts. Despite both sides of the house wanting to ‘not politicise’ this citizen driven referendum, the press has not yet pressured the two main politicians concerned with the environment to provide a rational argument as to how they will be voting.

Leo Brincat (Environment Minister) and Marthese Portelli (Shadow Environment Minister), are the only two politicians who should be campaigning to end spring hunting, no questions asked

Leo Brincat (Environment Minister) and Marthese Portelli (Shadow Environment Minister), are the only two politicians who should be campaigning to end spring hunting, no questions asked. However, they want to remain neutral on this environmental issue and let the people decide – how convenient!

This referendum on the removal of the derogation to stop spring hunting in Malta is a political and social anomaly. In what seems to be a dystopian futuristic reality, politicians do not want to get involved and the main media houses have pitted themselves against spring hunting, leaving the public to debate on social media.

Maltatoday has released a brilliant Vox Pop concerning Maltese MPs and how they would be voting in the referendum. The majority will be voting in favour of keeping the derogation since they ‘promised’ hunters such and they want to piss off all the nature loving, non-hunting citizens – they obviously know that we will still vote for them again. Most of the MPs are being coy and do not want to divulge any information, and some are just plain stupid.

Some of the highlights from this vox pop include:

  • Charlo Bonnici (PN – Spokesman for Hunting) Must-not-answer-question-keep-on-talking-ramble-ramble-ramble. Also, what does the opposition want to infer by ‘spokesman for hunting’, when hunting falls under Marthese Bonnici’s remit?
  • Roderick Galdes (PL – Parliamentary Secratary for Animal Rights) will be voting in favour since he still hasn’t actually understood what his role in Parliament is
  • Konrad Mizzi (PL – Health and Energy Minister) is basing his yes vote on scientific evidence he found on Pinterest
  • Joe Cassar (PN) – doesn’t like to be asked questions in front of Parliament since this is not a political issue. All media outlets are kindly asked to send questions to his office via pigeon or crow
  • Silvio Schembri (PL) – admits that he actually wants to help the yes vote win – but did someone say that politicians will not interfere? This is what happens when children are allowed to work in Parliament
  • Joe Debono Grech (PL) Micheal Farrugia (PL), Luciano Busuttil (PL) need to be reminded what the correct definition of a minority group is, as they continue to classify hunters as a minority (for the last time, they are not). Oh and Luciano Busuttil just compared this referendum to the divorce referendum…
  • Chris Cardona (PL – Economy Minister) is voting Yes because he believes that there should be more choice, more choice of protected birds for hunters to kill throughout the year
  • Jason Azzopardi (PN – Shadow Justice and Democracy Minister) Is trying so hard to keep up his consistency, that he fell asleep on the microphone mid-answer. Someone throw the man a red bull and a snickers bar
  • Then, there is Stefan Buontempo (PL), who has just confirmed that he is a brainless zombie that will vote the same way the Prime Minister will. He is also deathly afraid of reporters (If I keep smiling, will she go away?)

Stefan Buontempo version 2.4.3x – Limited edition MP design. Batteries not included. Keep away from Birds. May contain Lead.

Unfortunately, the media has not yet hounded the Environment Minister Leo Brincat and Shadow Environment Minister Marthese Portelli to provide a definitive stance. They both said that they want to let people decide, since both sides of the camp are happy with politicians not interfering.

Erm, No. You are not wiggling yourself out of this one with such ease. Out of all the politicians on this Island, these two are the ones that should be leading the ‘No’ vote. As an Environment Minister (and Shadow Environment Minister), your role is to protect the environment for the interest of the people, and this implies challenging your own party’s views on occasion. This referendum is purely environmental at heart, concerning the conservation and protection of species for the future generations of this country. I would strongly suggest for the media to pursue them both – at least we can finally confirm whether Dr Brincat is fit for purpose. Keep in mind that the Environment Minister has left Roderick Galdes at the helm of this hunting debate, and he clearly is a hunting sympathiser.

Incidentally, wouldn’t it also be interesting if local newspapers ask how Karmenu Vella, The EU Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and fisheries, will vote?

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