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Hunting in Malta

The hunting community prepares a petition that excludes itself

Hunters’ Associations in Malta have gathered over 100,000 signatures to petition the government to amend the Referenda Act so as to safeguard the rights of minority groups in Malta. In essence, such an amendment is a positive thing as minority groups in any country need to be safeguarded. Pity that hunters do not qualify as such a group, so such an amendment would not affect any changes effecting their hobby.

Similar to how the vikings used to bang their shields with their axes before they attack an enemy, hunters will march through the capital with a conveniently printed banner showing the exact amount of signatures collected and wheeling in boxes of signatures. (Photo credit: TimesofMalta)

To be frank, there is a reason why Maltese people do not fair well in Mathematics when people just invent numbers and bulk up petitions to make them seem more important than they are. Furthermore, let us not forget the photo opp moment where they wheeled in boxes of papers as a sign of intimidation and bravado.

As a small calculation, there were 334,000 eligible votes for the 2014 EP elections in Malta. So if the hunters collected 100,000 signatures and the conservationists collected 44,000, that means that more than half of the electorate is unaccounted for. Let us not forget that these 100,000 signatures need to be vetted, which could take weeks – and this will yield an interesting outcome as to how many are actually valid.

The times may have changed, but the mindset is still the same: Strength in numbers to over through democracy for selfish reasons.

The times may have changed, but the mindset is still the same: Show how numerous we are so that we can overthrow governments and democracy for selfish reasons.

It is clear that the hunting community is simply resorting to bullying tactics, in a cheap and cowardly attempt at undermining a constitutional and democratic tool that is the referenda act. They should stop acting like babies, vote against the referendum like the rest of the electorate and then seek legal council if they do not like the outcome.

I say this directly to them: You are not a minority and you never will be; you are a group of enthusiasts that has a privilege to conduct your hobby in a democratic country. Putting yourselves in the same category as gay people and other actual minorities in a feat to safeguard personal interests is despicable.


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