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How does the Malta Gay Rights Movement feel about hunters putting themselves on a par with gay people?

During their demonstration in Valletta where they presented collected signatures to amend the Referenda Act, the hunting community mentioned how their actions stem from a selfless notion to protection minority rights and privileges. How does the Malta Gay Rights Movement feel about gay people being put in the same category as hobby enthusiasts?

According to the hunters, Karozzin owners (above) have the same rights as gay people – the right to be treated equally, get married, have children and be treated as equally as a heterosexual person (Photo credit: MartinHansV)

In their march to ‘Referenda freedom’, the hunting community commented at how their actions will help protect the rights and privileges of minority groups in Malta. The drew examples by mentioning off-road enthusiasts, horse racing enthusiasts, feast enthusiasts, karozzini owners, fishermen and gay people.

It is quite obvious that the only reason why gay people have been mentioned in this charade of a protest march is because that they are the only group in the above list that actually have minority rights. None of the others, including hunters, have any rights as groups since minority rights are only affiliated with sexual orientation, religious beliefs, language  and ethnicity. A group of individuals practicing their hobby is just a privilege and nothing more. It should be noted that the FKNK has since changed its tune, from an initial one advocating for rights to one which now boasts for privileges. Their argument to amend the referenda act holds no water without gay people being mentioned.

So what does the Malta Gay Rights Movement have to say about having gay people ‘used’ to justify something which does not at all affect gay people? Probably now that gay rights have made a significant leap forward in Malta, they would not really want to bite the hand that feeds them and stay silent on the issue.

Referenda have been used in Croatia to infringe on the rights of gay people (through a 2013 referendum on the defnition of marriage) and a proposed one on the limitation of the rights certain ethnic groups. Even though Malta has already passed laws on civil rights, referendum as the one conducted in Croatia would never be allowed in Malta as is being hinted by the hunting community.

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