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Hunting in Malta

Hunters are NOT a minority, they’re a group of enthusiasts

Maltese hunters will resort to any form of deception to justify their unsavoury practices and try to derail a perfectly legal referendum. In a first for Malta, a referendum has been called for by the public to abolish spring hunting. Despite the EU derogation that give hunters the opportunity and privilege to hunt during spring, the general public can and has the right to call for a cessation of this practice. Trying to brainwash the public by labelling yourself as a minority in a desperate attempt to stop the referendum is just plain moronic.

In one my previous posts, I described how hunters are not a minority but simply a group of enthusiasts. If the FKNK wants to label hunters are poor struggling  minorities, then every single other group practicing a hobby (delizzju) in Malta should be called a minority as well.

Let us give a brief (and absolutely hilarious) overview of what would be classified as a minority according to the hunting community’s silly public claims:

Like hunting, lace making is a hobby in Malta – according to some genius at the FKNK, these would also qualify as a minority group (Photo credit: MaltaBulb)

The Malta hunting community easily goes into this pile of associations, as hunting is a hobby and not something that you are born with or into, such as your sexual orientation, skin colour, linguistic and/or religious upbringing. Hunters in Malta are given the privilege to hunt in Spring, and all they do is squander their golden opportunity. The end result is a public who, like me, is tired of their illegalities and have decided to pursue the legal road and call for a referendum.

Furthermore, having all the MEP candidates (excluding Jonathan Shaw) tiptoeing around situation and claiming that the rights of hunters should be respected in line with our EU package agreement is just ridiculous. The EU cannot rescind the derogation since it is part of Malta’s accession package, despite the fact that every other EU member state is against it. Politicians in Malta really need to start listening to their constituents, since this referendum is clearly being called by the people who wants to see spring hunting abolished.

Rights should never be tampered with, but privileges should definitely be removed when they over stay their welcome. One should never bite the hand that feeds you, but the hunting community chose to rip of its arm and toss it aside. It was a matter of time that the general public decided to pick up that arm and slap the hunting community squarely on its face with it.

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