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Eurovision – Inspiration vs Plagiarism?

Come rain, sunshine, elections, passport sales and financial crises, we all love a good Eurovision weekend to lighten up the atmosphere. No matter your sentiments on the festival, we all sit down with our friends and families to admire the talent/carnage with a good glass of wine and a table full of platters and bread (at least in my case). However, the festival has of late been accused of becoming a prime exhibition for the plagiarism of mainstream music, degrading the appeal and originality with which it started.

It is quite interesting that the two recent Eurovision winners have both accused of claiming their titles on the backs of plagiarised songs. The 2012 winner, Sweden with their song “Euphoria” sung by Loreen, had been criticised for its similarity to Swedish House Mafia’s “Don’t You Worry Child”. This particular criticism was not widely disputed, perhaps because it happened between two Swedish artists and ultimately Sweden benefited from the win (Skål!).

However, things turned quite sour when Germany’s 2013 entry “Glorious” sung by Cascada reportedly ripped off both songs during the festival in Sweden. Needless to say Sweden was not at all impressed by this move and Germany finished 21st:

If Germany’s move did not cause outrage, nothing prepared Europe for the cataclysmic reaction to the Danish winner Emmeline de Forest with her song “Only Teardrops”. People were outraged at the fact that the winning song was a blatant copy of “I Surrender”, a song by well known Dutch group K-Otic (?).

Malta has so far avoided plagiarism issues, thanks to help of Philip Vella and Gerard James Borg, although it came close to collision when diehard Euro-fans expressed concern at the similarities between Gianluca Bezzina’s “Tomorrow” and Train’s “Hey Soul Sister” (LIES!).

However, they say that there is always a first and one of this year’s favourite from the Maltese entries is close to becoming famous for all the wrong reasons should it win. I am talking about Daniel Testa’s “One Last Ride”, which I personally believe it to be a rip off and sped up version of the little known “Your Bones” by Icelandic Indie-folk band Of Monsters and Men.

Funny thing about plagiarism in the music industry, it always seems more grievous when it occurs between artists of different countries (as per above, Germany vs Sweden and Netherlands vs Denmark). Will we witness a situation of Iceland vs Malta this year round?

Who cares really, I only ever watch the contest to see people with a horrible English pronunciation read the points!

* * * UPDATED * * *

It seems as though the winning song representing Malta in Denmark this year will be “Coming Home” by Firelight! Of Monsters and Men Daniel Testa came in second! Plagiarism crisis averted? Hardly, as it appears that the Maltese entry this year will be a double rip off of Mumford and Sons’ “I Will Wait” and Gary Barlow’s “Let Me Go”. Malta vs UK vs US showdown it seems!

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