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Kont Taf Li?

‘Kont Taf Li’ – How many ‘Maltas’ in Greater London?

I think it is quite established that I am slightly obsessed with the miniature size of my homeland, and I generally have the tendency to compare it to other more renowned places. Since London is currently my home, I decided to use my very basic imaging skills to compare my current home and my original (and much more loved) home. So the question of the hour is – how does Malta size up to London?

Before we move along, there needs to be a bit of clarification as to what ‘London’ is referring to. In reality, the majority of people who visit London tend to think it quite small, only stretching the length of Shepherd’s Bush to the west and Stratford to the east – the small Westfields to the larger Westfields. Furthermore, London goes as far north as Camden and as far south as Waterloo, with nothing else around apart from a couple of houses which people assume to be part of some other insignificant British county.

The area I described is mostly called central London, which houses the main touristic attractions including the (What I call) city of Oxford Street. In reality, London is a term used to describe the metropolitan area (central London) and the urban area (areas around the metropolitan area). London is actually also referred to as the region of Greater London, which encompasses the two areas previously mentioned. This region is composed of 32 Borough of London and the very elusive City of London (see below) , and it is run by our favourite politician Boris Johnson.

Central London (which can be comfortably explained by the London Underground’s Zone 1/2 travel area), is composed of around 12 Boroughs, including Westminster, Chelsea & Kensington, Camden, Islington and so on.  The total area for London/Greater London is 1572 km2.

London and Malta in a side by side comparison

London and Malta in a side by side comparison

In comparison, Malta is an archipelago of islands, with three being the main inhabited parts of the country. The Islands have a total area of around 316 km2. Simple arithmetic indicates that London is 4.97 times bigger than Malta, but since I have some time on my hands, I thought it would be more interesting to illustrate this with a rather shoddy piece of work I carried out using Microsoft Paint (shame on me).


An ‘Almost’ perfect fit of 5 Maltas inside London!

In all fairness, the two places offer a relatively diverse sense of perspective. For those who have been to Oxford Street in London, they can appreciate that is is a long street, but the presence of you favourite shops (and PrimarkS) often fools you into thinking it to be a relatively small street. If you were to walk the entire length of Oxford Street, it is equivalent to someone walking from The Chalet in Sliema (Preluna Hotel) to Spinola Bay in St Julian’s – around 2 km. The walk from the Big Ben till the Millennium Bridge on the Thames River southbank is equivalent to walking from Ta’ Qali National Park to San Anton Palace in Attard.

Perspective can be quite misleading, but I like to think Malta as being a glorified central London. Despite the fact that it has fewer people, it is cheaper and  sunnier – 2.06 times sunnier to be exact.

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