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Make no mistake: Gas fuel is not cleaner

Times of Malta has reported how the deal on the new Gas fired power station has been finalised, with Electro Gas Malta consortium  chosen to build a new plant and related gas supply infrastructure. While the rest of the EU and the developed world moves towards securing renewable energy sources, Malta continues in its sluggish path away from them!

The Delimara Power Station is the proposed site for the new Gas fired power station (Photo credit: MEPA)

This gas fired power station scenario is the typical ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’, where the government is dressing its economic aspirations in environmental ones. I would just like to state something for the general Maltese public:

Any Hydrocarbon/Fossil Fuel fired power station DOES NOT constitute a form of CLEANER energy or environment

If the government wants to build this new power station, it should do so without trying to blindside the general public into believing that we are producing cleaner air. Gas fuel will still produce Carbon Dioxide, which will contribute to climate change, which will see us increasing our carbon footprint as opposed to reducing it.

Clean Energy is defined by the US Environmental Protection Agency as “includ[ing] energy efficiency and clean energy supply options like highly efficient combined heat and power as well as renewable energy sources” – so where is the combination of green alternatives? Malta has long been dragging its feet in being a legitimate produced of renewable energy. Despite the numerous pilot projects and feasibility studies conducted by previous governments, there has been no significant change towards a future that is less reliant on fossil fuels. The move by the new government will further exasperate this situation. I have to reiterate the UK’s controversial decision to build 40 new gas powered power station and the campaigns in place to counter this (No Dash for Gas).

It is also quite baffling why this project is being rushed to such a degree. The current Environment Impact Statement (link to pdf –> GAS Power station environment impact statement) issued by MEPA  has been deemed as unsatisfactory by local NGOs, which indicate that the current report itself states that the operator has not yet decided to which level of detail the assessment should be carried out.

I also am curious to know whether or not a public consultation will be properly carried out, since the PM pledged at the UN General Assembly to aim for a people oriented decision-making process. The previous government failed catastrophically at such as an approach, so we have to wait and see what happens with this.

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MEPA’s project description for the Gas Power station –> Gas Power station project description)

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