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Joseph Muscat: practice what you preach

The Maltese Prime Minister just addressed the UN General Assembly currently being held in New York. In a brave attempt to sound at par with other world leaders, our Prime Minister gave a very bland speech, fueled with seemingly textbook quoted phrases. Does his speech, addressed to entire world (literally), translate into how his administration is tackling issues of energy and climate change?


This is an excerpt from the PM’s speech in which he mentions issues of climate change and energy:

“People need to be involved in the decision making since it affects their lives and their livelihoods. They should be foremost on our minds as we consider the world’s natural resources and tackle global concerns such as climate change. There is never one way of doing things and we can only achieve our targets if we listen to the people we are meant to represent and make them part of the decision-making process”.

It is quite comical how politicians’ behaviour changes when they take an international platform. While many people will feel proud that Malta was given an opportunity to speak in this important assembly, I am quite disappointed at the hypocritical comments being made.

What Joseph Muscat just argued completely contradicts how current energy projects are being handled in Malta. There was no public participation in decision-making processes, but a behind-doors-closed negotiation with third parties. How can the government commission the construction of a gas fueled power station without consulting the people who will have “their lives and livelihoods affected”?

Furthermore, can someone please explain to me how we can “tackle global concerns such as climate change” when we have two separate ministries handling the portfolios of energy and climate change, which are intrinsically connected? Is it any wonder how all pf the power station discussion have been devoid of climate change issues?

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  1. Mr Nuetral

    I think your comments do not make sense. Can you please give us examples of past Maltese politicians who really cared about climate change? Well, well, well. You know what ” I feel embarrassed at the hypocritical comments being made”, “what the heck”…Just give us a break…Mr sour grapes! And this same quote also applies to you, “The sad part is that the vast majority of Maltese people will never understand this, because they idolize their political party, despite the fact that it is messing up their lives so blatantly (and proudly) in their face.”

    • Antoine Borg Micallef

      Malta has never been a prominent example of environmental law and due diligence…no single government has enforced any of the law it enacted. That is a fact and that is where I draw the line and detach myself from any political partisianism – so why should our current PM herald his interest for climate change and a public participatory approach at a UN General Assembly when Malta is lacking (and has consistently lacked for the past decades) to do so itself? This is why the vast majority of Maltese People will not be able to understand this ‘Mr Neutral’ – because they fail to understand that some issue are of greater importance than whichever party is in power.

  2. Astrid Vella

    If only ANY government really believed in and enacted “we can only achieve our targets if we listen to the people we are meant to represent and make them part of the decision-making process” Malta would not be in the mess we’re in.

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