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Have the FKNK just ‘shot’ themselves in the foot?

The FKNK – Federazzjoni Kaċċaturi u Nassaba Konservazzjonisti (Federation for Hunting and Conservation) have been quite publicly adamant about not tolerating illegal hunting. BirdLife Malta released a juicy ‘scoop’, in which one of the FKNK official was apparently caught hunting inside a Foresta 2000 Nature Reserve.

In this Times of Malta articlethe FKNK denied these allegations and responded to this by saying:

“Joseph Buttigieg, PRO of the hunters’ federation (FKNK) confirmed that the federation did not plan to suspend Mr Vella. He said he had been hunting outside the reserve and only entered the reserve to pick up a bird which had been shot.”

Am I the only one who is thinking that the FKNK has unknowingly admitted his fault. If the shot bird fell into the nature reserve, doesn’t it mean that it was shot at while inside the reserve? Unless they are making birds super strong and with the ability to fly with a gaping hole in them, I cannot see how this hunter defied the laws of physics (by virtue of an object falling in a somewhat linear fashion through gravity as opposed to a projectile trajectory)…you don’t just shoot a bird and it magically ends up in a Nature reserve, birds aren’t Frisbees or boomerangs. When you shoot it, it usually dies and falls in the vicinity.

The other explanation could be that this hunter was hunting on the periphery of the Nature Reserve, which he uses to his advantage as a hunting site.

However, if you listen to the video the FKNK representative said that this Vella person broke three parts of the law. I am pretty sure that breaking any part of the law is considered illegal- so what now?

Questions questions….

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