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Shell Shocked?

Do you remember that famous scene in the Little Mermaid where Chef Louis almost manages to stew Sebastian (the Crab) alive?

As a child, I have many fond memories of several animated Disney classics. There are certain scenes in these films that I remember quite well, particularly the famous scene in Little Mermaid where Sebastian (the crab) is almost stewed alive by Chef Louie. To this day, I always think of this scene when I see live crustaceans in aquaria inside restaurants, waiting to be cooked. While most individuals are not bothered by boiling live crustaceans, I am personally not surprised to find that a recent scientific study has shown that crustaceans feel pain.

Scientists have revealed that the European shore crab (Carcinus maenas), a close relative of crab species that are commonly fished for food, reacts positively to electric shocks and tries to avoid them. However, this is not the first study that has obtained such research, as previous research has also indicated that prawns and hermit crabs react to painful stimuli.

Photo credit: foxypar4

Full article can be found at Frontier’s Gap Year Blog:

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