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Nature Wrestling Ring – Great White Shark vs Crocodile

There is something to be said about fierce predators such as great white sharks and crocodiles, equally formidable in their respective habitats…but have you ever wondered you would win in a showdown between these two?

A recent news article involving the discovery of a decapitated crocodile head on a beach in St. Lucia, South Africa has gone viral. The victim, which appears to be a Nile Crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus), may have met its match at the hands (or fins) of a Great White Shark. Both these animals are both known as formidable predators, and it is only natural that people are curious about which one would win in a fight between the other.

Imagine finding this on a beach stroll… : Daily Mail 13th January 2013

Full article can be found at Frontier’s Gap Year Blog:

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